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How We Got Started and Information about the model kits 

This site went live February 1st 2015. My collection began many years ago, today reaching well over 4,000 model kits. Most of the kits were purchased at model shows in the Midwest. I hope you enjoy looking at the selection and know that I want you to be satisfied with any purchase you make from my site.

One aspect of my web store that makes it different from most, I take a photo of nearly every item that is posted on the site, so you see the actual kit you are buying. It is rare I use a stock photo. If I do, it is because it is of a new release and I don't have one yet.

Many of the kits for sale on this site are old. They range in age from 50+years to brand new. If decals are included in these older kits that means the decals are also old, many don't age well. My suggestion is take the decal sheet to your local copy shop, have them print a new sheet for you. You may need to supply the paper but that is easy to find at nearly any hobby store. Take that new copy home and spray it with decal bonder, which can also be purchased where you bought the paper. Then you have a whole new sheet of decals. 

I am always buying kits, it is a habit, when I visit shows or when I am in Germany. So come back and visit often. You will never know what you may discover.

The kits have been inspected and should have all the pieces. However, parts still come up missing. If you purchase a kit a find a piece missing, contact me. I want my customers to be satisfied customers. 

Product Condition Codes:

FSW: Factory Shrink Wrapped or Factory Sealed. 

IBSS: Not factory shrink wrapped, but the inner bags are still sealed.

MCANS: Model complete and not started, I am getting tired of typing this with all my new entries.

            This also includes kits where pieces have fallen free or removed for inspection.