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Breguet 27 Liaison, Azur + TMA 1/72


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MCANS, this box has been opened for review only. This is both a model kit and an aircraft that I have never seen before! And I've seen a few models in past nearly 5 years. There were no instructions included in this kit. Also, the only instructions I can find show you how to build the armed recon version, not this version. All the parts are here for the version shown on the cover, but not for version shown in the instructions! Weird, limited run, what can I say. I have printed and included the instructions that I can find. It should be enough to pull off the build. I found this link below, it shows the completed aircraft as shown on the box cover.

Breguet 27 Liaison, Azur + TMA 1/72 scale plastic model French aircraft kit