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Terms & Conditions

Product Condition Codes:

FSW, Factory Shrink Wrapped or Factory Sealed or Inner Bags Still Sealed.

MCANS, Model Complete And Not Started.

A note about shipping. I have entered the weight of the models kits on the heavy side. This works well if you order only one kit at a time(I have to account for the weight of the mailing box). If, however, you order many model kits at a time, your shipping rate will be too high. Don't let this bother you, I will refund you any large difference between actual shipping cost and what you paid. If it is a piddly amount I don't refund that, cost to much from my credit card processor. The piddly threshold has increased slightly due to a change in policy from my credit card processor. 

By completing the checkout process, you agree to all the terms and conditions, including the note on the front about shipping charges and the small differences and potential refund values. I will work with you on any issues you may have, please just contact me and I will attempt to resolve any issues you may have.