Special Notice, Please Read

Dear Customers,
There are over 5,000 kits on line. I just realigned the product order, back to the newest to the oldest. I wanted to change the look again, wanting to keep interest and sales going. Check back as often as you can, you'll just never know what you are going to find! If you see something you want and you think the price is too high, please don't be afraid to make an offer. I just want to sell plastic. Thanks for looking, enjoy the site.

A Mention about the search tool: This site has a wonderful search tool. That magnifying glass is the icon for the search tool. Click right on that icon and a search box will open. Or you may search under any category header from any of the drop down menu items.

A note about shipping. I have entered the weight of the models kits on the heavy side. This works well if you order only one kit at a time(I have to account for the weight of the mailing box). If, however, you order many model kits at a time, your shipping rate will be too high. Don't let this bother you, I will refund you any large difference between actual shipping cost and what you paid. If it is a piddly amount I don't refund that, cost to much from my credit card processor.

NNT Modell + Buch and Charlie's Plastic Models are pleased to announce that Charlie's Plastic Models (CPM) has been selected to be an American distributor for NNT products.  NNT products are available at charliesplasticmodels.com, competitive pricing and US based shipping from the CPM website will make NNT products a better value for American consumers.  NNT Modell + Buch produces world-renowned resin models of award-winning quality as well as photo etched parts and other accessories.  CPM is a new web-based retail store currently selling primarily older collectible kits from private collections.   NNT Modell + Buch and Charlie's Plastic Models are excited about this new partnership and look forward to providing an improved modality for the purchase of NNT products by consumers in North America.