How We Got Started And Are Still Going

This site went live on February 1st, 2015. Charlie's collection began many years ago, today reaching well over 4,000 model kits. Most of the kits were purchased at model shows in the Midwest. I hope you enjoy looking at the selection and know that I want you to be satisfied with any purchase you make from my site.

One aspect of my web store that makes it different from most, I take a photo of nearly every item that is posted on the site, so you see the actual kit you are buying. It is rare I use a stock photo. If I do, it is because it is of a new release, and I don't have one yet.

I am always buying kits, it is a habit, when I visit shows or when I am in Germany. So come back and visit often. You will never know what you may discover.

Ian's story begins with numerous visits to Box Kar Hobbies as a teenager and a passion for modeling. Those of you that know and or have talked with Charlie know that he has a WEALTH of knowledge and is always willing to share, and being the natural aspiring modeler I was at the time got to know Charlie well and a friendship evolved. That was well over fifteen years now and Me and Charlie have been GREAT friends ever since. When Charlie was talking with Me one day and mentioning retirement, naturally due to our great friendship and my love for plastic, I was the perfect candidate to take over CPM and continue Charlie's legacy, especially being among the seemingly few younger modelers around. I will give you at a minimum the same experience Charlie did, but I strive to go above and beyond. As I tell most people I talk with on the phone for special orders or ones just chatting up the new owner, I am in this for the hobby and the customers, and yes of course my own love for plastic, but I love doing it and the joy it brings to all. Please don't hesitate to ask for ANYTHING you may need, I'm a pretty easy Guy to get along with. I wish you all the best and look forward to what the future brings! Thanks for your support!!!!