PLEASE READ!!! New website patchover is delayed, continue as usual here. I will post further later.


Alright modelers,

Well after a series of unfortunate events and the new website having some issues that godaddy can't fix right away and I unfortunately didn't catch, I've reverted back to the old website until further notice. So business as usual, continue placing orders if you wish and I will again let you know when we're ready to patch over again (hopefully seamlessly this time.) Sorry for the confusion and thanks for understanding!

Dear Customers,

I have taken over CPM as of 8-1-21 and will strive to give you the same experience and great customer service that Charlie has provided over the years. Charlie is a good friend of mine, so rest assured not much will change in regards to the operations of the site. Charlie taught me well and has provided an enormous amount of wisdom over the years I've known him. Please feel free to reach our to me for anything!

NEWS FLASH! CPM is no longer accepting orders from the UK, due to changes brought about by Brexit. I will miss my many customers I have there, but I do not wish to become an agent of HMRC. Thank you, for all your orders over the years, you've been splendid customers.

The model season has restarted! Fleacon here in Iowa was a huge success! I scooped up has many treasures as could fit in my PT Cruiser, it was stuffed! Wait until you see all the cool kits I found!

I have been buying from Stevens International, and passing big savings on to you. They are a HUGE importer and distributor in the hobby business. Please check their web site and then place your order with me for the best price I can give you!

You will be amazed!

A quick note about shipping- I will attempt to fill orders ASAP and get them sent out, but I'm looking at about a 48HR turnaround as of now until I get set up and my schedule straight. I do currently work full time, about 48-60 HRS a week. Unfortunately I work in a profession that has some forced overtime, so please be understanding. I ship at least twice a week, but have been averaging three times as of lately. I will let you all know if anything will fall outside of the 48HR period. Thanks!