Big News, Charlie is retiring, CMP is moving and has a new owner. Look for more information soon!!!

Special Notice, Please Read

Dear Customers,

I will be retiring 7-31-21 that will also be my last day as owner of this web site. The new owner, Ian, is a long time friend of mine. He and I have been working together for years, I've been teaching him everything I can, he's been a very good student. I will miss you all, thank you for your help making this site so successful! I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you all.

NEWS FLASH! CPM is no longer accepting orders from the UK, due to changes brought about by Brexit. I will miss my many customers I have there, but I do not wish to become an agent of HMRC. Thank you, for all your orders over the years, you've been splendid customers.

The model season has restarted! Fleacon here in Iowa was a huge success! I scooped up has many treasures as could fit in my PT Cruiser, it was stuffed! Wait until you see all the cool kits I found!

Thank you for all your support over the last six years, I have met so many wonderful and delightful people. You may see MCANS, this means Model Complete And Not Started. I am getting tired of typing that all out with all those new listings I have been posting from that new collector.

I have been buying from Stevens International, and passing big savings on to you. They are a HUGE importer and distributor in the hobby business. Please check their web site and then place your order with me for the best price I can give you!

You will be amazed!

A Mention about the search tool: This site has a wonderful search tool. That magnifying glass is the icon for the search tool. Click right on that icon and a search box will open. Or you may search under any category header from any of the drop down menu items.

A note about shipping. I have entered the weight of the models kits on the heavy side. This works well if you order only one kit at a time(I have to account for the weight of the mailing box). If, however, you order many model kits at a time, your shipping rate will be too high. Don't let this bother you, I will refund you any large difference between actual shipping cost and what you paid. If it is a piddly amount I don't refund that, cost to much from my credit card processor. The piddly threshold has increased slightly due to a change in policy from my credit card processor.